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The Devil is in the Details DEMO Patch 3.0.0 Released

Patch 3.0.0 Release Notes

This patch contains a massive content update, new gameplay features, as well as a variety of updates and fixes. We've been closely listening to players's feedback and integrating more options/settings, and more gameplay mechanics and wishlists.

New Content and Features:

  • Added Gates and Switches

  • Added Traps that will consume time

  • Added Wards that will destroy enemies that have come into their vicinity

  • Added a ton more Interactive Objects

  • Added a new tutorial system in the first levels

  • The Arbiter is now fully voiced in English and has a lot more things to say

  • Enemies will now chase you across the level rather than following a set of waypoints

  • Added Evil Ghost Enemy that will chase you relentlessly across the map in a certain event and a new music track to go along with it

  • Added the ability to Crouch

  • Added the ability to turn On and Off the Flashlight

  • Added Hands and Lantern to help clarity of what Phase the player is currently in as well as how many talismans they have left by looking at the Energy remaining inside the Lantern

  • Added a UI transition screen between different Phases

  • During the Pause Menu, the player can now see how many Mini-Arbiters have been collected


All the Languages have been updated with the latest text.

Quality of Life improvements:

  • Added Controller Rumble

  • Tweaked the starting mouse and controller sensitivity

New added Settings:

Audio Options:

  • Added Master, Voice, SFX, and Music volume sliders

Accessibility Settings Additions:

  • Mouse/Camera sensitivity settings

  • Option to Invert the Mouse Y-axis

Bug Fixes:

  • The timer now pauses correctly when inside the Pause Menu

Happy rituals!

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Adam Khattab
Adam Khattab
Jun 24

I am a game scripter i can help you guys

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